Commercial projects

I thoroughly enjoy working with local businesses both large and small, I can transform your projects into beautiful photographic images for display online, brochures and for archiving.

I have completed assignments for Chickerell Steam and Vintage Show, Green Farm Paints, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, Duffields Animal Feeds, Alter Ego Fancy Dress Company, DK Cars, and Higher Moor Farm campsite.

Currently I’m available on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays I can travel to all parts of Dorset.

There is huge value in professional photography, especially in these competitive times. 

  • Engaging with existing and potential customers, investors and friends keeps business’s in the public conciseness. In the age of social media a brand’s message can be shared multiple times on multiple platforms and professional images are more engaging with the public. Quality images shared on social media platforms can, make your business stand out from the crowd they can make your business appear more interesting to your existing and potential audience.
  • Targeting your social media audience is an excellent method for increasing your status as a business. Professionally captured images can creatively convey a diverse and multi functional organisation. Social media offers numerous opportunities to tag individuals and other organisations in posts, that demonstrate your business’s capability to provide a quality service. Match these posts with dynamic images that reflect the quality of service  your business provides and you massively increase the posts effectiveness. Tagged individuals in wow factor images will feel more valued and remembered, these are huge factors in maintaining loyalty.
  • For larger businesses promoting brand awareness at corporate events, displaying professionally captured images enhances the awareness of your business aesthetics, you will put across a positive, polished, professional image to clients, investors and CEO’s. This will also raise the standard of your business.
  • Highlighting your social functions by presenting the images clicked by a professional photographer, people care about social events and gatherings, having professional images commissioned for business social functions, presented professionally will increase your organisations overall favorable opinion. Social functions help employers to interact with staff, clients, investors, existing and potential customers in a more relaxed way, they help to promote business. These corporate functions are also excellent places to display images that can convey a more caring, social, relaxed and fun side to any organisation which can enhance staff morale and put out positive message on social media.
  • By using a professional photographer you can create positive customer awareness, this is a crucial element in promoting businesses. It can assist you in growing your customer base. By commissioning professional photography,  posting on social media platforms, you can increase your business’s awareness. Social media now is one of the core tools a business has to increase or matin it’s market share, social media posts spread around very fast. Having a commissioned professional photographer working with your business is most important as they can click photos according to your preferences. By using these professional photos you can create awareness among your customers and can help to increase your business.
  • Creating a content marketing explosion can play a major role in promoting business, marketing deals and offers. Professional photography can have a major role in creating marketing explosions. Your audience usually remembers the visual memories more than listening to the long lectures or reading long paragraphs of text. Marketing the business by utilizing the skills of a professional photographer can have a huge effect as it is one of the most cost effective methods of making your business stand out from all other businesses.
  • Images last a long time! In the age of digital media image libraries won’t fade or deteriorate, you can use them again and again in social media posts, websites and printed promotional materials. If you book my services you can use them until they no longer relate to your current brand. Then the images are archived, these can be a handy reminder of past customers, employees, past styles, projects, and business premises. Very useful for producing a anniversary book or wall art.
  • Cost effective. I provide a cost effective method of providing your business with dynamic images that your business can use for years, I will work with your business to create a plan that works for you, what you would like to achieve from the images, what the message is, what is the most cost effective way to create the images, when, where and any other details, together we’ll get your your project on track.

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Commercial Projects by Paul Brewer Photography.